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2009 Fishing Season

Thats February over with the only rods out on the final Saturday.No fish seen or caught.Since opening day the river has run high and coloured with the snow melt, only now 3rd March settling down to a lower level.More snow forecast the next few days hopefully not amounting to much so we may have a chance of our first Springer.Surely we wont have to wait so long this season for our first fish.

March-a mixed month with 2 weeks of high water and a couple with lower water.3 springers for the month taken at +8,+5 and +4 all fish sea liced and around 8lb a few fish were also lost including a very early sea trout.A good return from eight rods out although they were taken by regular local anglers who know Montcoffer and know which water heights give an excellent chance.There was quite a few fish on the go this month and good to see the spring fish being returned.The water is closed to daily lets from the 4th of April for 3 weeks as the guests staying in the cottage have complete access to it.

April- 3 sea trout were the only fish taken, there were rods out periodically and Salmon were regularly seen passing through.The brown trout fishing was excellent especially towards the end of the month

May- not many rods were out in May, water conditions were pretty good the whole month, fish were regularly seen passing through.The month finished with 5 salmon and 4 sea trout mainly thanks to Steve Lewis 4 days fishing as below.

May 11-18 Jim our ghillie started this week.The week started at -3 and held steady until Saturday when it rose around 1 ft giving it a much needed clear out.Monday 2 rods out with no success.Tuesday one rod out ,Steve Lewis had a red letter day today 4 Salmon to 12lb all sea liced and 1 sea trout at 7lb.The fish were taken from the glide and the sea trout from the gorge.Steve had another 12lb sea liced Salmon from the glide on Wednesday.Thursday Steve blanked but a few salmon were seen running through.Steve finished his successful 4 days fishing on Friday with another sea trout.2 rods new to Montcoffer were out Saturday with no success.A excellent early week with 5 Salmon and 2 sea trout.

June- Despite decent water conditions most of the month and having a reasonable amount of rods out only 2 Salmon were taken and around 6 sea trout.The fishing was politely stated as very challenging I would almost say desperate, there really have been very few Salmon around in June certainly the least since I took over the beat.On a more positive note although fishing was tough our new partys thouroughly enjoyed their weeks and have rebooked next year.Things can only get better.

July-If June was disapointing July was worse, despite being fully booked and low water conditions most of the month fishing continued to be very difficult.We would expect to see som early grilse around with summer Salmon but very few fish are entering the river.The month finished with around 5 salmon and 7 sea trout.

August-This should be the start of peak season fishing but things remain very dour despite good water conditions.The first half of the month continued as per July with each week only taking around 3 salmon and a couple of sea trout.A few more grilse were around the last couple of weeks but very few Salmon.There are a lot of grilse in the 2lb class or under.The final week of the month we are into double figure for the first time this season but the biggest fish at 6lb.

September-A month to be remembered due to the great flood, the highest since records started.Fishing was better than August, grilse were around in decent numbers although some weeks were quiter than others.Again Salmon were virtually non existant but overall fishing was much better, sea trout are still being caught a few each week maybe.

October started much better, good water heights as there have been most of the season but the difference being there were plenty of fish around some nice Salmon aswell, the last 2 weeks were a disaster, just as we though a couple of good weeks to finish and the returns would not be so bad but 2 fish for both weeks.The rods in the last week never even got a rod in the water, far too much water.Then the flood came 2-3 ft higher than Septembers record breaker, our Craig hut is now gone aswell and all the repairs from the last flood need done again and more.

All in all a season to forget fishing wise 97 salmon and 25 sea trout.It started so well in the spring with good early runs in March and decent amount of fish around in April then nothing until the poor grilse run late August.It will be interesting top find out the average weight of our fish this season the lowest for a few years I imagine so many grilse around or under 2 lb and not many Salmon to supplement them.Talk about complete contrast with 2008 when we were all spoiled with huge runs of big fish all season.

Lets hope 2010 sees use back to a more normal season.

























Daily lets in May 1 fish maximum per rod.

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