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2010 Fishing Season

up to March 20

No fishing as yet, the river has constantly run high too high for much chance of a fish at Montcoffer.

Most of the vast amounts of snow up on the hills should have melted with the arrival of some spring weather this week so fishing with some hope should start in the next week or so.

Lots of maintenance to the roads, car parks and banks has been undertaken and trees removed that have fallen over in the winter.Foundations are in place for the new huts.The Gorge hut is almost ready to be replaced.Our guests will find a much improved hut replacing the old one, considerably larger and better equipped(i new I should never have taken my wife to Tulchan when invited last summer for a days fishing, trying to explain that they have huts like they do because they charge large amounts to fish the water, not Deveron prices).


Spoke too soon, snow returned with a fish to report and no fishing has taken place.Work continues on the Gorge car parks and hut.

What a difference to the last few springs when the river was fishable almost every day and sometimes the water was even too low.Possibly not a bad thing though a mid April season start seems about right, lets the kelts leave the river in peace.

Hopefully thats the end of the snow now and water levels should improve for hopeful fishing by the middle of next week at Montcoffer.

We have the perfect method for c&r during April-no rods fished the beat this month-with exception of a few days in the middle of the month-water height has simply been too high for us.The last week of April the height was much better and in to May its improving more.

We had 2 rods out on Saturday the first, a Salmon was lost in the Gorge.

The beat is being fished the first week commencing the 3rd by a new party to Montcoffer and a new party to Salmon fishing.Fish have been seen but no such luck as to catch anything as yet Tuesday.The rivers a good height for us so lets hope they manage a fish to get them hooked on the Salmon fishing.

The new Craig hut is up and will be fully operational next week.Our regular guests will see a lot of changes when they come up with all the damage caused by last years floods.

One of our anglers who comes up later in the season reported a cracking week up at Connicleugh and Corniehaugh last week with there group landing 9 Salmon and losing 3 there best ever total from this week by a considerable margin.Hope there not winding me up since Im writing this.

Not much fishing available in 2010, the odd rod in May  for daily lets.

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